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  • Three-pass, wet-back design boiler with low external temperatures
  • Boiler designed to ASME or BS boiler vessel codes
  • Containers built to BS7072 and DNV 2.7-1
  • Compact self-contained design - size of a 20ft shipping container
  • Water, condensate returns and fuel storage tanks mounted within the container
  • Internal spark arrestor
  • Remote emergency shutdown facility
  • Steam package ships with a certified steam hose and fittings package
  • Rentair steam operators are also competent in the operation of compressor installations

steam generators

RentAir Offshore has an extensive fleet of steam generators providing outputs up to 5.8 million btu. RentAir Offshore steam generators are ideal for well testing operations and maintenance.

A remote emergency shutdown facility is available ensuring instant safe shutdown should methane, propane and H2S gas or a similar hazard be detected or encountered.


  Saturated Steam Flow Working Pressure Max Steam Temp Fuel Tank Water Tank Fuel Consumption Full Load Running
  Mmbtu kg/hr* PSIG barg ºC litres litres litres/hr hrs
CPS 4.5 Mmbtu C RS 4.5 2000 150 10.34 186 1035 1035 142.7 7.2
CPS 5.8 Mmbtu C RS 5.8 2720 150 10.34 186 1035 1035 193.4 5.3

*Saturated steam output is based on a closed system installation with full hot water returns
Water consumption without returns to hot well are 2000 litres/hour (4.5Mmbtu) and 2720 litres/hour (5.8Mmbtu).


  Length Width Height Weights
  mm mm mm kg(dry) kg(operating)
CPS 4.5 Mmbtu C RS 6058 2438 2896 11000 14000
CPS 5.8 Mmbtu C RS 6058 2438 2896 12000 17000


service and utility requirements

  • The burner and pump require a combined power supply of ~ 90kVAs
  • Power supply can be 380-440V and 50 or 60 Hz
  • Rentair steam generators are certified for manned operation offshore and engineer support is required for monitoring performance and refuelling and for rigging and de-rigging.


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