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All Containerised (DNV 2.7-1) Compressors

  • Heavy duty, fully bunded DNV2.7-1 offshore container
  • Designed for stacking in use - ISO Blocks for locked-on safety
  • Rugged, reliable mechanical marine engine and high ambient cooler
  • All-pneumatic starting, control and tell-tale fault indication
  • Compact footprint - transport three in a 40ft shipping container (Only on certain models)
  • High capacity on-board fuel tanks

safezone compressors

As a rental option the RentAir Offshore Safezone compressors are ideal for use in safe areas. All units are containerised resulting in easy transportation, on-site stacking and access for operation and service.

The Safezone compressors range from 900cfm to 1000cfm. The 900cfm can provide up to 11 hours of operating at full load on a more compact footprint providing increased capacity and operational time.


  Flow Working Pressure Fuel Tank Fuel Consumption Full Load Running
  cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours
CPA 1000 C SZ 1050 29.73 125 8.61 695 62.0 10.7

At full flow and pressure


  Length Width Height Weights
  mm mm mm kg(dry) kg(operating)
CPA 1000 C SZ 3990 2250 2210 7500 8000


  • Remote shutdown and refuelling from deck level
  • Air treatment - aftercooling, filtration and drying
  • Exhaust extensions for multiple installations
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