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  • Rugged, reliable marine engine with ‘high ambient cooler design
  • Designed for offshore stacking - internal access for operation and service
  • Pyroban exhaust gas cooling, inlet shut down and flame trap
  • All pneumatic starting, control and tell-tale fault indication
  • Designed for Zone 2 hazardous area operation
    - BP200, OCMA Mec1, EEMUA 107
  • Heavy duty, fully bunded, DNV2.7-1 offshore container
  • Compact design - transport three framed in a 40ft shipping container
  • Emergency shut down and refuelling from deck level

zone II compressors containerised

As a rental option the RentAir Offshore Zone II containerised compressors are ideal for operations such as well testing and oilfield applications in hazardous areas.

The compact footprint, containerised housing, and forklift slots make it easy and cost efficient to transport, whilst easy stacking ability further reduces use of deck space onsite. The internal access provides offshore personnel with safe operational and servicing capability.

RentAir Offshore Zone II compressors range from 750cfm to 1050cfm all with 590 litre fuel tanks for up to 10 hours of operation at full load, resulting in maximised operational time.

Customers benefit from latest Zone II technology, for operation in hazardous areas, heavy duty DNV 2.7-1 specification and reduced downtime with optional 24/7 support from RentAir Offshore Service Technician Team.


  Flow Working Pressure Fuel Tank Fuel Consumption Full Load Running
  cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours
CPA 875 C ZII 875 24.77 150 10.34 590 59.0 10
CPA 1000 C ZII 1050 29.73 125 8.61 590 62.0 9.5

At full flow and pressure


  Length Width Height Weights
  mm mm mm kg(dry) kg(operating)
CPA 875 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8500
CPA 875 C ZII (2011) 3990 2250  2210  8200  8600 
CPA 1000 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8500


  • Aftercooler, filtration, drying
  • NORSOK spec for Norwegian applications
  • Extra high ambient cooling package
  • Dummy flame traps
  • 'Yellow alert' shut down connections
    • 24V and 110V (others)
  • CE marked and fully ATEX compliant (EN1834-1)
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