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Heat Suppression

RentAir Offshore has added Heat Suppression to their product offering for Well Testing.
This is focused on improving safety offshore with the use of the RD44 flare boom system that includes fully certified nozzles, utilising Free Flow Nozzle Technology that maintains water profile even when rig debris is found within existing pipework systems, reducing the risk of downtime during flaring operations due to blocked nozzles.  

This system has a proven track record and is notably the only system on the market which is Independently Certified.

The system can be installed onshore mitigating the requirement’s for crane operations offshore and can be stowed when not in-use from well op to well op.

The RD44© is the only system in the world that can leave the flare boom walk way clear enabling UK HSE legislation to be adhered to at all times. This will ensure that the Well Test Operators have clear access and egress to complete any maintenance work required on the flare boom.

Contact one of our team to discuss your project requirements or to obtain our Heat Suppression datasheets.



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