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Supporting customers with the market's most cutting-edge and sustainable compressors.

RentAir's extensive air rental fleet consists of Electric compressors and Rigsafe, Safezone and Zone II (ATEX DNV 2.7-2 & NORSOK) compressors in a range of sizes that can be configured to enable projects and operations of any scale.

With output ranging from 130cfm (3.68m3/min) up to 1600cfm (45.30m3/min), 7bar -25bar, they can be containerised, mobile, skid mounted or fully certified DNV 2.7-1 crash framed to fit your exact needs.


RentAir has invested in Electric Compressors, offering customers a cleaner, greener, smarter solution to support their carbon reduction goals.

The Electric Compressor is an emission-free, efficient and quiet source of compressed air capable of supplying up to 1200cfm @ 10 bar(g), and is suited to supporting our clients across the critical industries and in the harshest of environments. The compressors also come with an extended service and maintenance schedule, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional diesel-powered alternatives.


RentAir has an extensive RigSafe compressor fleet ranging from 130cfm to 1600cfm, including framed, containerised and mobile solutions to meet customer needs.

The CPA 1600cfm C RS is an ideal model for deployment in harsh environments. While maintaining a minimal footprint, the 1600 can handle extended running times and capacity. With a standard cooling package, the 1600cfm can cope with higher ambient temperatures in locations such as Africa and Latin America.


Safezone compressors are available to rent and ideal for use in safe areas. All units are containerised, providing easy transportation, on-site stacking and access for operation and service.

The Safezone compressors range from 900cfm to 1000cfm. The 900cfm can provide up to 11 hours of operating at full load on a more compact footprint, providing increased capacity and operational time.


RentAir's Zone II compressors range from 750cfm to 1600cfm all with 590 litre fuel tanks for up to 10 hours of operation at full load, resulting in maximised operational time.

As a rental option, our containerised compressors are ideal for operations such as well testing and many other applications in hazardous areas. The compact footprint, containerised housing and forklift slots make it easy and cost efficient to transport, whilst stacking ability further reduces use of deck space onsite. The internal access to upper levels provides offshore personnel with safe operational and servicing capability.


For customers looking for safer, more advanced and highly-reliable Zone II compressors.

RentAir has introduced a range of ATEX compliant DNV 2.7-2 and NORSOK Z-015 variant units - designed and built in close conjunction with Cummins UK. These units have the lowest engine and noise emissions in the marketplace and comprise numerous safety features.


Units have all necessary safety and functional provisions allowing for stack operation and transport.

The Operator is able to control the compressor unit and check 3GHI Protection™ status from the local control panel. The control panel plate is made from stainless steel with protection cover for transport, and is accessible from outside of the container. In case of stack operation, the control panel can be removed from the top unit and stationed alongside the panel on the unit below, allowing full operator interface. The emergency stop button can be used from this panel, and an internal ladder system allows the operator access to the top unit to carry out daily checks.

Stack operation is limited to two units and 3 layer stackable for transportation*