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why rent?

Over many years as equipment rental specialists to the oil & gas industry we have developed expertise in managing the assets you need to get your job done and we believe that it makes sense for smart business operators to rent equipment rather than owning it.

Renting equipment has many advantages over other methods of managing equipment assets such as:

  • Renting gives you access to a pool of equipment. One piece can be replaced quickly and efficiently therefore minimising the cost of breakdowns.
  • When renting you will always have access to the right equipment for the job therefore in-crease efficiency and safety of your workforce. 
  • Eliminate Maintenance costs. Have you ever stopped to calculate the infrastructure costs of with owning equipment and employing service teams. Rentair Offshore can look after this for you.
  • Renting equipment can help reduce investment therefore freeing up capital for your core business activities. 
  • Increase your borrowing power Renting our assets can help remove liabilities from your balance sheet thus improving the financial ratios that your bank is looking at when deciding to approve finance facilities.
  • Eliminate equipment obsolescence and depreciation Today technological change is rapid and new equipment is coming along all the time to help you get your job done safer and more efficiently. Rentair Offshore is constantly introducingnew equipment to the fleet and therefore we can help you remain competitive at all times.
  • "Variabliseyour costs  As the energy industry, like most others, go through peaks and troughs in activity it makes sense not to carry large fixed overheads. Renting allows you to link your costs to your level of activity and therefore sta-bilise your profitability.
  • Renting will improve your customer service. Customer needs change over time and renting gives you the flexibility to adjust to changing customer needs.
  • Renting is good for the environment renting you are gaining access to a shared pool of assets that are available to everyone and tend to be utilised more than assets owned and operated by a single business. Greater utilisation leads to greater efficiency in the use of resources and less waste. That can only be good for everyone.
  • Renting can help improve staff and contractor safety. Equipment supplied by Rentair Offshore is well maintained and compliant with the latest legislative requirements.

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