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  • Container built to DNV 2.7-1 / BS EN12079
  • Electrical Operating System to meet Zone II and DNV 2.7-2 standards
  • Unit Certified for Zone II Hazardous area operation
  • Internal Fuel Tank with remote fuelling capability, external fill point
  • All unit specific operational activities carried out externally
  • Internal exhaust gas cooling system – no flametraps required
  • Gas cooler fitted with ROCS
  • Internal exhaust spark arrestor system
  • Gas Detection and shutdown system
  • Fire detection and shutdown system
  • Remote emergency shutdown facility
  • Experienced service technician(s) for operational and maintenance assistance

Zone II Air Compressor (DNV2.7-2)

RentAir Offshore 1600cfm Zone II Containerised air compressors are built and certified to new DNV 2.7-2 offshore standards ensuring the highest safety in explosion mitigation. 

The Air Compressors which are enclosed in purpose built containers, comprise gas and fire detection, ignition prevention with no temperature greater than 200°C as well as external control panels providing enhanced safety for operating personnel. 

A remote emergency shutdown facility is available ensuring instant safe shutdown should methane, propane and H2S gas or a similar hazard be detected or encountered. The full compliance with the DNV 2.7-2 standard ensures the highest degree of safety in operation.

 When designing our 1600cfm Zone II Air Compressors we not only implemented extensive safety features to comply fully with the DNV2.7-2 global certification standard but also maintained our leading industry small container footprint and single lift strategy.  This ensures we minimise transportation costs, help our customers minimise risk and maximise space utilisation offshore.

The compressor package can be connected with the RentAir Offshore DNV2.7-2 Zone II Steam Generator and DNV2.7-2 Heat Suppression systems for a complete DNV2.7-2 solution for well testing.

Contact one of our team to discuss your project requirements or to obtain a datasheet.


  Flow Working Pressure Fuel Tank Fuel Consumption Full Load Running
  cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours
1600cfm Zone II 1600   150 10.34 1,035 103 9


  Length Width Height Weights
  mm mm mm kg(dry) kg(operating)
1600cfm Zone II 5346 2222 2512 6500 16000

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