RentAir Offshore launches DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator

RentAir Offshore has launched its first fully compliant and certified Zone II steam generator approved by DNV to their latest standard 2.7-2.  After launching the first of many DNV2.7-2 rated Zone II Steam Generators into our product fleet we have already completed a successful well test campaign earlier this month.

The steam generators are enclosed in purpose built containers that house the control system, water and fuel tanks allowing economic transportation with a one lift strategy. Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator

A remote emergency shutdown facility is available ensuring instant safe shutdown should methane, propane and H2S gas or a similar hazard be detected or encountered. The recent addition of equipment to allow compliance with the DNV 2.7-2 standard ensures a high degree of safety in operation.


This steam generator is the safest option for both on and offshore and has the additional safety benefit of a fire and gas detection system.
RentAir Offshore has been working with key suppliers to manufacture the Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generators and working closely with DNV to ensure complete compliance to their new standard 2.7-2.

Alan Leslie, Head of Assets has been spearheading the product development project and is delighted to have completed the first of many units.  He said: “This recent project and the launch of the new Zone II DNV2.7-2 product demonstrates our ongoing investment and commitment to safety and evolving technologies.  We’ve worked exceptionally hard to achieve the best solution for the industry in terms of safety and performance, designing the product to retain a small industry footprint and easy transportation with a one lift solution.  As a result we now have an enviable product reflecting the step changes in safety across the industry and the start of further development of Zone II DNV2.7.2 rated equipment.”

Jack Downie, Head of Department for Offshore Services at DNV in Aberdeen commented:  “We’ve been involved in RentAir Offshore’s Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator project from the outset and have worked with them and their partners throughout the Certification process.  They have demonstrated a clear desire with their approach and partnership to deliver the highest level of safety in their new product.  The new DNV 2.7-2 standard has been well received by the offshore industry providing requirements to cover all types of temporary equipment for offshore / marine use, from diesel engines and compressors to well test production equipment.  We have completed certification of the new RentAir Offshore Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator to our new DNV 2.7-2 standard and we look forward to certifying more of their product portfolio, helping to drive the step change in safety across the industry.  We commend the team at RentAir for their commitment to this drive in safety improvement.”

For a full technical datasheet on  our new Zone II DNV 2.7-2 Steam Generator please contact one of our local representatives:
Aberdeen   +44 (0)1224 215400
Great Yarmouth +44 (0)1493 656003
Den Helder +31 (0)223 630552
Singapore T: +65 6863 4470
Australia T:+61 (08) 9258 4949 

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