Interview: Head of Assets, Alan Leslie on the new Zone II DNV2.7-2 Product Development

Alan Leslie, Head of Assets What is DNV2.7-2 and what does it mean for the industry?
The objective of this standard for certification is to set requirements for offshore equipment modules but focused on the safety impact the offshore installation upon which the equipment is installed.  This DNV2.7-2 standard is being driven through the industry to enhance offshore equipment safety standards. 

Why did we design and manufacture the Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator?
RentAir Offshore has designed the Zone II DNV2.7-2 steam generator to comply with this certification standard and be at the forefront of the industry.  Whilst designing the product we also maintained our leading industry small footprint and single lift strategy to ensure we minimise transportation costs and help our customers to maximise deck space.

What challenges were faced and how were these overcome?
Because we were determined to maintain a small footprint, space was a big challenge for us.  The additional safety features, control panels and cooling required for the ambient rating really pushed us to understand our customers’ needs and provide a solution fit for purpose.  Opting for an unpressurised container enabled us to maintain the small footprint and achieve the required temperature ratings.  Meeting all the guidelines for DNV2.7-2 was a tough challenge but by working closely with key suppliers and DNV we have successfully delivered a product which is fully compliant to all the DNV2.7-2 requirements.  

What are the key features of the design and why did we build it that way?
The safety features are key in the Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam Generator and these were implemented to comply fully with the DNV2.7-2 Certification Standard.  The safety features comprise gas detection and fire suppression, ignition prevention with no temperature greater than 200°C as well as external control panels providing enhanced safety for operating personnel.  Another key feature of the RentAir Offshore Zone II DNV2.7-2 Steam generator is its size and footprint.  As I mentioned earlier we were determined to maintain our small footprint and one lift strategy so we’ve designed and built these products with these key features so as to deliver the best possible product for the end user.

What benefits does the product provide?
As this step change in safety is driven across the industry it will become a requirement to utilise products certified to these certification standards.  The addition of Zone II DNV2.7-2 certified offshore equipment guarantees the industry of higher safety standards on offshore installations.  

Why did we focus on steam first and not air?
We chose to deliver the DNV2.7-2 Zone II Steam first as we believed that this would be the biggest challenge in a number of areas – particularly maintaining our single lift strategy and achieving the required ambient capability – these were the biggest two to overcome.

What benefits are there for having done this?
The units are truly one lift, so our customers see what they have always seen from us – a 20’ container!  They don’t need to factor in additional shipping costs or deck space.

How does this product compare to other solutions in the market?
We believe our Zone II DNV2.7-2 is the only Steam Generator which meets all the DNV2.7-2 requirements set out for steam generators on offshore installations.  Our product has a smaller footprint than other solutions on the market place – only requiring 20’ of deck space whilst also maintaining a one lift strategy making transportation and lifting easier and more cost effective.

What is the key focus for product innovation going forward?
With the steam unit now in full production, our attention is focused on the Air fleet – as earlier we see the air project being less of a challenge than steam. The arrival of the new high volume Zone II DNV2.7-2 air compressor package will allow us to replicate the packaging across the fleet and provide a truly compliant Zone II DNV2.7-2fleet.  There are a number of other projects underway and details on these will be released soon!

For any information or questions around our product development please contact us on +44 01224 215400

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